Canine Good Citizen Program

What is it?

The American Kennel Club started the Canine Good Citizen Program in 1989 as a means of rewarding dogs who were well behaved companions at home and in the community. The goals of the Canine Good Citizen Program are to

  1. teach responsible dog ownership to owners and
  2. provide basic training and good manners to dogs.

A key component of the CGC Program is the 10-step CGC Test. All dogs (including purebreds and mixed breeds) who pass the CGC test receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.

1 Accept a friendly Stranger

6 Sit and Down on command/ Staying in place

2 Sit politely for petting

7 Come when called

3 Appearance and grooming

8 Reaction to another dog

4 Out for a walk (Walking on a loose leash)

9 Reactions to distractions

5 Walk through a crowd (loose leash)

10 Supervised separation

Basic Obedience Level I
6 week course we go over 5 basic commands Heel, Sit, Stay Come when called, and Down. We also discuss manners the dog should have, jumping, pulling, trash picking etc. we explain how to correct these behaviors. Over the 6 weeks.
Basic Obedience Level II
6 week Course the dog should know the basic commands above. We start the class with review of Level I and work on come when called with distractions down on command and down stay with more distractions.
In-Kennel Program
Your dog boards with us at our home and kennel for a period of 4 weeks, we cover all of The Canine Good Citizen Program exercises. When your dogs training is complete we set up an appointment for you and your family to come and have a private training lesson with one of our trainers and then once per week consecutively after your dog returns home. This is a very successful program for those owners that do not have time and the proper consistency that is needed. As all of our training programs this is a positive training method with positive results.

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